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16 Sep 2017

>> Saturday, September 16, 2017


just when i thought i could work for consecutive days straight..ended up me in a meltdown: the obligation to finish the job. Then avalanche: things at home, ONE OBLIGATION, ANOTHER, ANOTHER, ANOTHER..%#@! WHEN WILL THIS END?!

so it has taken such a huge toil on me that i'd decided to hermit myself. Most prob play console games or just lie in bed or..WHATEVER. DANG I NEED THE DAY TODAY.

some prob will rest at the end of the month..if not i won't be able to do what i want and the whole vicious cycle starts again



>> Sunday, July 23, 2017

he was the spokesman for our pain

he takes my pain to another dimension, wretching my flesh outta my skin, screaming the voices in my head, takes my thoughts to screams, howls and defiance, letting me live in such a way that at that point in time it was perfectly alright to feel that way with all the scars, the pain, the trauma, the hurt, anger, frustration, silent screams

and that sinking into oblivion is not an option bcos someone has spoken the pain in my head and heart that i so wanted to tell the world about

pain yet defiance - refusing to give in, finding the strength to stand up with all the wounds in your screaming head, heart, spirit, body - in one's seemingly f*ked up life - there's still defiance

yet he gave up

but who are we to say?

yes, we are happy to hang around with friends, we laugh, swore, whatever, onstage the fans are there

but sh*t really happens when you're all alone

imagine fighting traumas for 40 over years. Add multiple substance abuse to the menu and we get a full-blown medical brain trauma: we hurt and kill parts of our brain which might have been long dead before we know it - we don't want the memory, we don't want to face the memories every single bloody f*king day of our life. We get tired. Day by day.

Yes, therapy. Therapy is good

but then again, what, after a therapy session? we're all alone again. To fend our nightmares that we live in broad daylight. We don't see you - we see our perpetrators, our abusers and all the pain, hatred, anger, frustration that goes along with these

we can't function anymore

we can't see the light anymore

it's too much

his passing is painful, yet in defiance, it is also an insult to me, still struggling and living my nightmares, taking my meds regularly to control myself to be the better person which i believe in and it's working. Listening to my therapists, faithfully rewinding what they say again and again in my head. i just have to be defiant and tell myself it's ok, i'm in the dark, i'm all alone in the dark BUT I HAVE THE MENTAL SKILLS AND TOOLS to try to live on. AS LONG AS I AM LIVING BREATHING ON THIS EARTH SO I MUST NOT END MYSELF. YES I AM TIRED BUT AS LONG AS I'M STILL LIVING AND BREATHING - i cannot give up.

Mr Chester Bennington, you gave us defiance. It's been 3 days and i'm still grieving. Yet, in defiance, because of the defiance that you speak through to us through the songs - i will live. If it's meant for anyone who likes Linkin Park, or for anyone who's going through treatment for their illness, or for anyone who feels the world has abandoned them..even if it's for myself, even if it's for God, i have to live on.

RIP Mr Chester Bennington.


SNK Season 2 afterthought

>> Sunday, July 16, 2017



Saiyuki Reload Blast thoughts

>> Saturday, July 8, 2017

Finally it's here!

it's awesome bcos i rarely get the chance to follow an anime series for years after its long hiatus. i'm always far behind when it comes to anime.

so yes! i am a fan of Saiyuki anime series, having grown up with the original Journey To The West.

Nostalgia fills the air at its first episode of SRB. And i wonder if the seiyuu of Eren Jaeger in Attack of Titans is in it! People are expecting something new. Sure, new enemies.

but y'know...voices change over time. We have grown older, so do our vocal chords. We used to sound sharper but as years go by we sound more 'rounded'. Yet the fundamental timbre of our voices do not change - we recognise the characters as who they are. We remember the characters as who they are.

Although it's a challenge to bring them to the year 2017 which may consider as a new series to some, it's the nostalgia that makes the series as what it is - and brings fans to the new era

and nearer to the West.


yep still using Blogger

>> Monday, July 3, 2017

What? just because there's Facebook Blogger no more?

i just wanna type. Long time no type. Wish i could type like the Choppy Busters - so many words per second. Maybe i should try audio typing one day. Would be interesting. Bcos my fingers are itching to type again. Since when i forgot - t'was a few days ago i think, totally forgot why.

so yeah, things are back to 50% 50% - blessings. It's always what i forgot about.

And i'd realised i could daringly do what i like to do n not be bothered.

But then there's this "itch". I'd never knew. I thought, "Ah well, old already, don't need to feel i need a boyfriend." I was so wrong. A pang of loneliness shoots right into my heart whenever i see couples. Sigh, aren't they lucky...

but there's that dilemma: i'm already messed up enough, so is my background. Best not "drag" someone into my life already. Marriage? What's that? Looking around now, i'm cool, surrounded by by game consoles.

Virtual boyfriend?! ISN'T THE ANIME "YUURI ON ICE" ENOUGH ALREADY?! wonder if there will be a manga series..bcos i think manga series IS MUCH MORE EXPLICIT THAN ANIME - and we have more of Yuuri and Victor's shiny red butt cheeks to drool and ogle at - SCCCRREEEAM!!!

anyway, back to reality (bleagh)

so ya, maybe one day i'll try audio typing since i like to type so much



>> Sunday, June 4, 2017

i can never ever have the patience to repeat myself

i can't even handle my own problems - i need to have time for myself. Which part of "leave me alone" you didn't get?


just wish i have my own apartment


Yuuri!!! On Ice thoughts

>> Sunday, February 5, 2017

anyway...so hyped up, until i decided to throw in mine!

yes, ok ok ok ok ... "Yuuri!!! On Ice" wat? i like it! just that there are so many "hidden stuffs" unknown to me if not for the fans' explanations - really thank them! it's not your average BL anime, thing is i'm used to Junjou Romantica, Loveless - all these anime are pretty much direct. i've never gotten so much headaches until Yuuri On Ice - i seriously MUST HAVE the explanations or i'm COMPLETELY LOST.

They've gotten the right voice actors. i was laughing so much with the WOW! AMAZING! and all the English, Russian, Japanese exchanges with Victor and Kastsudon - er - Yuuri! Fangirls all over swoon with this Victor. Wait..did i tell u i'm a 2d fan? heh. Besides that..i have never seen an anime that doesn't tell u straightaway that this is a BL anime - HOLD ON. IT'S NOT JUST A BL ANIME. Thing is ALMOST EVERYTHING seamlessly blends in, without you knowing it - it just seems so - NATURAL. Well, ALMOST..bcos there are other pairings which hint so much for canon pairings - like - CANON PAIR ALREADY!!! Goodness, all the fans are SCREAMING, "CAN YOU HEAR - OUR HEARTBEATS?!!!"

so ya, Yuuri On Ice is a history-maker. As if, from the start, it was meant to be. The song has captured fans' hearts, the ice-skate choreography is REALLY choreographed. The movements - i've never seen an ice-skating anime before, let alone such seamless frameworks that..this is what ice-skating is in anime. It is so worldwide that they even got famous sportsmen as the characters themselves, in different languages. WIN. Absolute.

i just hope Kubo Sensei won't stress herself out to over-fatigue. See, there's always this pressure to give "2nd season better than the 1st". What's even more, this anime is FAMOUS WORLDWIDE...well, if i am not mistaken - check out raving reviews, fanart, fandoms pairings, fans' combing the pictures of the anime, explanations, comments and some ACTUALLY FLY THERE TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPH OF THE PLACES - W <3 and="" etc.="" even="" gape="" needless="" of="" p="" ros="" say="" skating="" some="" themselves="" to="" tried="" upload="" videos="" w="">
so yeah, WORLDWIDE PRESSURE. Not to mention it won awards. And Victor is No.1 anime boy!

i guess every fan goes, "How i wish my relationship would be as lovable as Victuuri." Anime makes me cry, i kid you not. And for once in my life - DOGS TAKE CENTRESTAGE!!! Don't get me wrong, i like anime-cats too, but..it DOES GET TIRED. SO YES!!! HISTORY MAKER!!!

by the way...this anime ended way few months ago. Yet, it has a HUGE LOYAL WORLDWIDE FANBASE of fans who still feel it's NEVER ENOUGH.

sad if it only ends one season. However, on the other hand, not surprisingly if it really happens, The hype is extremely strong, so much success, the pressure - how can one handle? how does one innovate? It is a very dear anime. Some anime last one season just for that lingering effect. Perhaps it should have ended that way to let Victor and Yuuri continue their relationship behind closed doors (again: i'm a 2D fan n i speak of the characters as if they are in real life - oh c'mon, cut me some slack already)

 BUT CONFIRMED 2ND SEASON - i tell you WE JUMPED IN WILD EXCITEMENT. i assume it's still in the works as no news of its release date, we could wait..not surprising if it's next year..HOLD IT

it's a GREAT anime, you say, and you say the ending is rushed, so, to give stakeholders, sponsors, etc,. that commercial monetary (hey, let's be realistic about this shall we) success-effect TAKES TIME. What, don't they need to pay every single person involved? Hey, it's A JOB, mind you. While fans oogle, drool, fantasise (i'll not continue) about Victuuri, OtaYuuri, etc. .. who does all the behind-the-anime-stuffs? they don't do it for free. Not to mention they asked famous sportsmen to join in the fun in voicing the characters in the anime - don't you think they should be paid in return too? They're pros, no matter what.

By the way, the whole crew is limited to a budget. Go over it, you'll have to wreck your brains to convince to justify - and how much more to practically beg for. Welcome to the real world. It really sucks but people will say, "Hey, money makes the world go round."

as much as i grit my teeth in frustration about the money part..all i hope is that everything runs smooth for the 2nd season. So let's cheer the Yuuri!!! On Ice people OK?! がんばー!



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