where am i going?
i don't know
All i know is that i've to start

Mo Dao Zu Shi

>> Tuesday, November 6, 2018

or 魔道祖师


been searching for "therapy" since Yuri On Ice is taking a looooong break. Saw someone kept posting about some Chinese comic

now i am not really a fan of Chinese culture but being an old school era kid, i watched China's TV series of Journey To The West and grew up with Chinese sword-fighting TV series and even Dream Red Chambers (ya, i know, i don't chase all the time but i felt the lead actor is cute)

and there is one thing i do not go for things that are close to my heart or disassociate with things close to my heart for fear of being in too deep

like now

so ya, Mo Dao Zu Shi is one of them. My Chinese sucks i can tell you, i can only pass off with casual Mandarin conversations. Being in a country which has an exciting mix of different cultures - you can tell the moment i open my mouth and guarantee you need one minute to figure what i'm saying

but i cried. i laughed. Ever since i stumbled upon MDZS i died.

Never has any BL been so close to my heart: growing up in the "world of wuxia", listening to traditional Chinese music..oh, did i mention, long-silky-hair, fair-skinned, handsome, youthful scholars who are also excellent in sword-fighters, strategy and magic arts? heeeeeeeelp

The animation doesn't disappoint either and that is a surprise. i am a fan of every scene of it! Oh, Han Guangjun....oh dear, because i have always fallen in love with the variation of that..famous..Chinese..strategist..whose name..i can't..remember..Chu Liu Xiang? oh dear, i mixed up. My brain is fuzzy at the moment.

Btw, i think that animation was awarded the best animation in China..? if it's true, then of course it should!!

so there are many sources to the novel (which led to a comic book and animation series!!!!) and one of them is an "audio-book". i cannot read Chinese and my Chinese is bad as i said, so the audiobook helped me a lot. i can't make out the terminologies of wuxia and magic but the storyteller's voice says A LOT - and by the way, there's only ONE guy to narrate the SMUT SCENES - my brain shot right out of my head. And yes, i laughed and cried - CRIED LISTENING TO AUDIOBOOK - CHINESE AUDIOBOOK EVEN!!!!

Sidetrack: my dream one day is to do and send a recorded narration of The Tortoise and The Hare in Japanese to my Japanese teacher one day

i love MDZS!!!! 《魔道祖师》加油!!


save the earth....

>> Wednesday, October 17, 2018


but there's no balance i think

to go paperless means we are using more of earth's resources in battery consumption for our mobile and desktops?


are we ostracising persons with disabilities and toothless generations?

charge plastic bags

are we insulting and giving more hard time to our rubbish collectors then?

it is stupid not to solve its replacement before you eradicate something

think of the big picture, not entitlement.


ah...Google and Windows..black fonts please

>> Monday, August 27, 2018

all i want is just to change the colour of your fonts from grey to black, it's not about extensions, whole contrast change, or zoom. There are people like me who are "in the middle". I still miss those days when we can customise our own colours for menus, taskbar, even fonts respectively without the need to calibrate, gamma or change total contrast theme. Just give us back the choice for us to change our font colours to black, please.



>> Friday, February 2, 2018

the day when u r really stuck at home n there's nothing you can do about it

feel so useless, not being able to work like everyone else. Everyone is happily going out, they can go out

as for me..just stuck at home

and the worst thing is i cannot spend much

i hate it

they say light at the end of the tunnel

they forgot to say while in the tunnel

susume..in a dark tunnel..they never said anything about it. they never said anything about the pain being in the tunnel, carrying this frustration while trudging on, asking yourself when in the world when your suffering will ever end

it's not that i don't appreciate the small things in life. i do. and i don't take anything for granted. bcos i've never been given great things in life

i'm tired


nearing end

>> Thursday, December 21, 2017

can't believe we've reached the end of the year

last year was madly raving about Yuri On Ice. Still am a fan

having fun with my new keyboard. ROCK!! :)



>> Tuesday, October 10, 2017

i am bending over, my face as near to the laptop as possible


my old spectacles can't serve me - my astigmatism and presbyopia has increased

adding more pain to that is my aching tailbone which has been screaming in pain since one month ago

there goes my plans

i'm so tired

and my new spectacles isn't cheap - i have no choice bcos of my backache and having to be the lookout for my mum while she always drifts away in her world of her own everytime we go out

i have no space

even as i type i'm reminded of pending housework

just wanna flip table and roar


16 Sep 2017

>> Saturday, September 16, 2017


just when i thought i could work for consecutive days straight..ended up me in a meltdown: the obligation to finish the job. Then avalanche: things at home, ONE OBLIGATION, ANOTHER, ANOTHER, ANOTHER..%#@! WHEN WILL THIS END?!

so it has taken such a huge toil on me that i'd decided to hermit myself. Most prob play console games or just lie in bed or..WHATEVER. DANG I NEED THE DAY TODAY.

some prob will rest at the end of the month..if not i won't be able to do what i want and the whole vicious cycle starts again



thank you for reading my blog..

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